Astrazeneca to Aid Oxford University in Manufacturing Chadox1 Vaccine to Curb Coronavirus


The ChAdOx1 vaccine which has been developed by the Oxford university is about to be backed with support by the biopharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca. On Thursday the company also announced regarding their agreement with Oxford University for manufacturing at least 400 million doses. As per the announcement made by the company, they would deliver their first produced vaccine by September this year and they also announced they are backed with economical support of 1 Billion USD by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) of United States.

The BARDA of United States has promised with this economic support for developing the vaccine as well as for delivering it to the public. According to the planned programme of AstraZeneca they are also planning to provide aid for the researchers of Oxford’s Jenner Institute for their clinical trial which is at Phase III involving 30,000 participants.

The Jenner institute has started their production even before the completion of clinical trials since they wanted the vaccine to be produced at the earliest by the time the trials are completed. In India, The Serum Institute which is located in Pune is partnering them in producing the vaccine. Although many experts applauded them for the effort in producing the vaccine early itself, they also pointed out to them regarding the level of risk which they are undertaking by doing this prior production.