Changes in WHO Guidelines for Wearing Masks


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently updated the guidelines on wearing facemasks amid the Coronavirus epidemic, saying that people must wear masks in places that are crowded where the novel corona virus is widespread. As this dangerous virus continues to spread, the World Health Organization has also amended its perspective about who should wear a mask, when to wear it and who should be made of this mask. The chief of WHO Tedros Adnom suggested that governments must encourage their public to wear masks in places where there is widespread infection of the virus and it is tough to distance people, such as public transport, shops or other such the place where the crowded atmosphere resides.

The head of the WHO advised for areas with community transmission that people who are 60 years of age or older, or who have a serious illness, should wear medical masks in situations where it is not possible to maintain physical distance from people is. The World Health Organization has also released a new guideline regarding the texture of non-medical fabric masks, suggesting that the mask should contain at least three layers of different material. However, the World Health Organization chief insisted that masks are only one part of an effective method to keep the virus away and people must not assume that they are completely safe from wearing it.