Scientists Advise On Sanitizing Each And Everything


There are some things to keep in mind while using sanitizer to avoid coronavirus. Amid this pandemic, people are using sanitizer liquid in the way of getting upset and nervous. This thing often becomes a cause of trouble for them. People are not sanitizing their hands, but they have started sanitizing vegetables, fruits and food items from the sanitizer itself. But it is not very wise to do so.

Direct use of sanitizer on food and drink can cause problems. This can cause health problems. Experts suggest that the use of sanitizer can be used to sanitize things made with hands and metal. After purchasing goods from the market and bringing them home, they should be left unused for at least 4 hours.

By doing this, if the corona virus is present on them, then it may eventually end. They can also be cleaned by adding potassium permanganate chemical to the water. Many times, people think that if they order food from outside, it can also prove to be dangerous, but it is not so. Recently, there were reports of food mixed with bleach in America. People were doing this because they thought that the virus would end. But the truth is that doing this is harmful.

Experts believe that once the food is cooked, there is no danger in it. If you are ordering or eating food from outside, then it is safe. The corona virus lives on fruits and vegetables for 7 hours. So, after bringing them home for a few hours, leave them without touching. Later wash them either with warm water or with baking soda. Sanitizer should not be used on food and drink items.