A New Method of Testing for Coronavirus in The Works


A new method of coronavirus test which could be used in place of the current a nose and throat swab is being tried in Southampton. Individuals will have the option to just spit into a pot at home before the example is sent off to check whether they have Covid-19. If this method is suitable, the saliva test can be a significant substitute to the current swab which a few people find awkward and can spluttering and coughing. Over 14,000 GP staff, GP staff, essential key workers and their families will have the option to participate in the initial period of the trial, starting this week.

Test units will be given either to their workplace or home consistently for weeks and tests will either be gathered by University of Southampton staff or came back to a decided location. Participants will get test results in 48 hours, as indicated by the Department of Health and Social Care. Matt Hancock, health secretary, stated that testing the saliva might make it considerably simpler for individuals to take coronavirus tests at home, without utilizing swabs. This trial will also assist with comprehending if regular, at-home testing could highlight cases of the virus in time. It will run for about a month testing participants on a week by week basis. Members for the pilot are being enlisted with self-testing because due to start next week.